About Dr Annie Brookman-Byrne

Science writer and editor

Hello! I am a science writer and editor covering all things related to psychology, learning, and educational neuroscience. I am Deputy Editor of the British Psychological Society's magazine The Psychologist and Deputy Editor of BOLD from the Jacobs Foundation

Occasionally I give talks and workshops on educational neuroscience, science communication, and more, to audiences of researchers, teachers, school students, university students, and journalists.

I have a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Educational Neuroscience, and a PhD in Psychological Sciences, and worked as a researcher in both education and psychology. I started science communication for fun while intending to continue my career in academic research, and eventually found that I enjoyed the communication more than the research. I have been an editor since 2019 and haven't looked back!

Follow me on Twitter: @abrookmanbyrne or email me: annie.brookman-byrne@bps.org.uk or anniebb.bold@gmail.com.