20 April 2021

The Psychologist are recruiting

Over on The Psychologist, where I am Deputy Editor, we are seeking a part-time (3 days per week) Deputy Editor (Digital) to job share with me. Find out more on the website: https://thepsychologist.bps.org.uk/could-you-be-our-deputy-editor-digital 

22 February 2021

Q&A with Susan Cousins about cyber-racism in The Psychologist

Susan Cousins shared psychological insights following a racist online attack. Read the Q&A on The Psychologist website: Cyber-racism – it doesn't just happen to footballers.

17 February 2021

Interview with Rob Webster in The Psychologist

I spoke to Dr Rob Webster about his fascinating research on Teaching Assistants. 

Read the write up here: 'The aim of the game is to support kids'

15 February 2021

Maths anxiety is a global concern - latest post for BOLD

In my latest blog post for the Jacobs Foundation blog on learning and development I report on a new paper about maths anxiety. 

Read the post here: Maths anxiety is a global concern.

'Telling science stories' book review in The Psychologist

The March issue of The Psychologist features my mini-review of the brilliant book 'Telling science stories: Reporting, Crafting and Editing for Journalists and Scientists' (Routledge) by Martin W. Angler.

Read the review here: And, but, therefore and more

18 December 2020

Building a fairer future - report in The Psychologist

My report on Professor Sir Michael Marmot's brilliant seminar can be found on The Psychologist website at: https://thepsychologist.bps.org.uk/building-fairer-future

The seminar focused on what government has got wrong over the last 10 years, and what it should do to build back fairer post-Covid.

10 December 2020

Do children’s explanations of performance increase the attainment gap? New post on BOLD

For my latest piece on BOLD, I spoke to S├ębastien Goudeau about a new paper he co-authored with Andrei Cimpian, on their hypothesis that young children believe differences in achievement are due to stable personal characteristics. You can read the full piece here.

09 December 2020

Vegan special issue in The Psychologist

The January 2021 issue of The Psychologist is a vegan special - looking at the psychological evidence around veganism, to coincide with Veganuary. This is a fantastic issue that we've been working on for a long time so I am very excited to see it out. You can read my editorial and all of the pieces here: A vegan future?

08 December 2020

Psychology Research Day report in The Psychologist

My report from the BPS and Senate House Library online webinar is now online. It contains plenty of advice and resources for early career researchers and you can read it here: Conducting quality research.

02 December 2020

New report from psychology careers webinar in The Psychologist

This report from the BPS Careers in Psychology online event was written with journalist Ella Rhodes and managing editor Dr Jon Sutton. I attended the final part of the day, watching Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton and Professor Carol Dando give fascinating talks about their careers. The report is called 'Careers are squiggly', and my section starts 'That fire in your belly'. You can read it here.