Tuesday, 3 October 2017

New book: "Neuroscience for teachers"

Neuroscience for Teachers: Applying research evidence from brain science is a new book from Richard Churches, Eleanor Dommett, and Ian Devonshire. I was lucky enough to read and review the book before publication, and here are my comments:

"Neuroscience for Teachers provides a comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to the key issues, debates, challenges, methods and research findings in the field of educational neuroscience. It is written accessibly and contains everything that a teacher needs to know about neuroscience, describing where this knowledge comes from. Most fascinating are the tips given to teachers, which are very clearly drawn from the evidence base as it currently stands. This has the added bonus of making Neuroscience for Teachers a useful resource for researchers who carry out related work but may be stumped when considering how their work impacts upon education.

Whether the reader is a teacher or a scientist, they will come away with a deep understanding of the educational neuroscience knowledge base, how we got there, and how we might use this information in the classroom."

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