Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Interviews with Educational Neuroscience researchers

Over on my npj Science of Learning blog, I have started a series of interviews with researchers in Educational Neuroscience. The aim of the interviews is to showcase the work of those who are working hard to bridge the gap between scientific research and the classroom. I also hope they will demonstrate the realistic goals of researchers: nobody in this field is claiming to be able to transform education with some brain scans. I hope you'll agree that there is some great work happening at the moment, in the incremental manner that science works in.

My first interview was with Su Morris, who is researching visual perceptual processing in primary science and maths.

My second interview was with Alex Hodgkiss, who is researching spatial cognition in primary science.

My third interview was with Mike Hobbiss, who is researching attention and distraction in secondary school pupils.

Su, Alex and Mike all used to be teachers, which I think makes them ideal researchers in this field - they have a deep understanding of the education system, the reality of school life, and pressures faced by teachers.

Watch this space for further interviews!

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