Tuesday, 18 October 2016

npj Science of Learning: A new online community for educators, researchers, students, and policymakers

npj Science of Learning is a new journal aiming to bring together psychology, neuroscience and education. To accompany the journal, a website was launched to encourage communication between these disciplines, and beyond, in a more informal way. This online community aims to enable teachers, researchers, students, and policymakers to share events, resources, and news. There's even a section for asking questions of the contributors.

So far I've written an introduction to me and my work, a summary of a different online community with similar aims, a post about my experiences in a public engagement activity with teenagers, and about a film reporting from a longitudinal research project on adolescent brain development. I hope to keep up the regular contributions, and intend to use the site to share upcoming events, reports from events, summaries of research, and my views on issues in the field of educational neuroscience.

There are lots of other interesting posts by much more senior researchers than me, so do check it out!

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