Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Replication and Reproducibility in Psychological Science

A debate about replication and reproducibility in psychological science was organised by the British Psychological Society, Association of Heads of Psychology Departments and the Experimental Psychology Society. It took place at the Royal Society on Thursday 26 May 2016, with talks from Marcus Munafo, Roger Watt, Dorothy Bishop, Chris Chambers, Kathryn Sharples, and Nick Brown. If you missed out there are plenty of ways to catch up online.

Head over to Twitter to read tweets related to the debate using the hashtag #psycdebate.

Read a short summary of the event written by Su Morris, a PhD student at UCL Institute of Education.

Read an extended summary or watch the full debate on the website for The Psychologist magazine.

This is an important debate in psychology that is gaining traction. It's great to see that we are moving on from identifying problems, to providing solutions, and it's particularly encouraging that the Royal Society hosted this debate. This is another step towards improving our science.

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